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WhaleFest Nov. 3-6, 2023

27th Annual Event by Sitka Sound Science Center

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“Sound” Science: Voices from the Ocean

This year’s Sitka WhaleFest explores the theme of “sound” science from a variety of angles: using sound waves for communication within the ocean, how scientists use sound to study underwater ecosystems, diverse approaches of inquiry in our natural world, and connections to current research in Sitka Sound.

Join us as we learn more about what is happening below the waves and celebrate the critical importance of SOUND science.

The heart of Sitka WhaleFest is the three-day symposium, where world-renowned scientists share their current research. These presentations are unique because the speakers are chosen for their ability to communicate their work and engage a broad sweeping audience. This innovative science event gives future scientists and anyone interested in our oceans opportunities to meet and interact with a passionate and diverse group of speakers. Each afternoon, symposium participants and guest speakers will explore a daily theme connected to the overall theme of the symposium.

Go HERE to read more about the Symposium, the topics and the speakers.

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