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Sheet’ka’ Decolonization Dialogue

Haa Tuwaanagu Yis, Woo.Cheen | For Healing Our Spirit, Together

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Sitka, AK 99835
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The Sheet’ka’ Decolonization Dialogue is an informal group of Native and Non-Native people. We work together to create enriching relationships, free from the harmful effects of racism and colonialism. Our aim is to building transformational relationships across cultures in our diverse community.
We are not the first to have this vision of a place where all people are able to thrive. We follow in the footsteps of others, and take this opportunity to recognize the important work of Alaska Native people and people of color.
Much has changed over the past 100 years, but there is still so much to do. We seek to build on the progress of recent years, as Sitkans begin to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day. We look forward to the time where we celebrate reconciliation day rather than ‘Alaska Day’. These events have made October a focus for action, and November a month for exploring more about the culture of Alaska Native people. The particular goal of the SDD is to make social justice, racial equity, and de-colonization something that we work on every day.
Beginning in late 2019, our regular meetings have brought people together to learn from each other and create a new community in a place that has twice been a colony.
The Decolonization Dialogue Group planning team
Crystal, Leah, David, Bridget