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Sitka is… Southeast Alaska’s Art Destination

People often wonder what folks do in Sitka during the long, gray winter months. The answer is simple – they go to the theater, they participate in theater, they listen to music, they create music, they attend lectures, they give lectures, they take classes and teach classes. Sitka transforms once the tourist season is over. It becomes a place of art. 


The Sitka Nutcracker, An Alaska Tale: Show Takes Center Stage with an Enchanting Alaskan Twist

What do the following have in common:  A slime line, a gaggle of tourists, fireweed, bears, northern lights, mosquitos, and snow? If you guessed Alaska and the Nutcracker, you are correct. Wait, what? The Nutcracker?!?! Yes, in 2023 the Sitka Nutcracker takes on the Last Frontier.  


Sitka Fine Arts Camp: 50 Years in the Making

Roger Schmidt was just five years old when Sitka Fine Arts Camp began in 1973. No one could have known that one day he’d be at the helm of the vessel on a decades-long voyage.


Portrait of An Explorer: A Q&A with Roger Schmidt

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? An explorer. I loved reading books about explorers and then pretending and daydreaming their adventures.


Art in Your Backyard: The Sitka Monthly Grind

When it comes to entertainment in “your backyard,” nothing fits the bill like the Sitka Monthly Grind.  This local variety show begins its season in September and takes its final bow in March each year.  Advertised as family-friendly and non-political, it is pure art by Sitkans for Sitkans.