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Neighborhood Dedication w/Sign Carved by Will Peterson

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SCLT Community Dedication and Naming Ceremony for S’us’ Héeni Sháak Neighborhood:

  • The ceremony took place May 13th in the central parking area of the neighborhood at 1410 HPR. There were also public tours of the two under-construction homes.
  • 1318 HPR is a nearly complete two-bedroom in a one-story layout and 1350 HPR is a three-bedroom two-story home that is halfway through framing.
  • The affordable housing community will be fourteen homes and a four-unit apartment building when complete.
  • There are currently five homes with two under construction and seven more to come.

The Sitka Tribe of Alaska named the neighborhood three years ago and will conduct the naming ceremony.  

Local artist Will Peterson designed the “neighborhood sign” and is also SCLT Board President.

“I see the naming ceremony as a land and language acknowledgement that we are on and always will be on Lingít Aaní; as an organization we recognize the importance of the indigenous peoples of the land.” said Peterson. “Having STA choose the name to the neighborhood is a gesture in the right direction.”

The community land trust model of homeownership brings permanently affordable housing to middle to low income families. Tours of the two under construction homes will be available after the ceremony. 1318 HPR is a nearly complete two bedroom in a one-story layout and 1350 HPR is a three bedroom two-story home that is halfway through framing. 

“This neighborhood is truly a community project.” Randy Hughey, SCLT Executive Director said. “The City of Sitka donated the site, many Sitka businesses donated professional services or donated money, and the Sitka Tribe of Alaska named the community. How Sitka comes together to support affordable housing is motivating and inspiring.”