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Voices on Lincoln Street

"Experiment in Reverse Tourism" by Sitka Tells Tales


“Voices on Lincoln Street: An Experiment in Reverse Tourism”

There’s been a cruise boom in Sitka, Alaska, with more people coming to the island community than ever before. To feel a bit more connection to the people filling town, Sitka Tells Tales set up on the street to talk with tourists  about where they’d take us a visitor in their home communities and to ask for stories of turning points and things they don’t always share.  It’s an experiment, it’s audio therapy, and it’s funny and surprising in places!!

Originally broadcast on Raven Radio 104.7 FM and on KCAW.org Sept. 19th, 2023.

Hear the podcast (& see photos of interviewers & interviewees) anytime at https://artchangeinc.org/sitka-tells-tales/voices

Produced by Ellen Frankenstein & Becky Meiers. Edited by Ellen Frankenstein.
Sound Mix/Design/Additional Editing Dave Emmert
Music by Lincoln street buskers incl. Ted Howard & Rick Fleischman, Pointy and the Birds, John Ingman & Bryan O’Callaghan.

An Artchange, Inc. & KCAW Raven Radio Production.

Ed. note:  In photos below, check out the “buskers” playing ukulele & collecting $ in ukulele case for “Friends of the Sitka Animal Shelter.”