Arctic Institute Colonialism Series

Published in 2022 by The Arctic Institute

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“Indigenous peoples have inhabited the Arctic since time immemorial, establishing rich regional cultures and governance systems long before the introduction of modern borders. The Arctic Institute’s 2022 Colonialism Series explores the colonial histories of Arctic nations and the still-evolving relationships between settler governments and Arctic Indigenous peoples in a time of renewed Arctic exploration and development.”

Selling Stolen Land: A Reexamination of the Purchase of Alaska and its Legacy of Colonialism

A reexamination of the 1867 Purchase of Alaska and the exclusion and mistreatment of the Native Alaskan, by Samuel Kramer. Published October 18, 2022 by The Arctic Institute.

Ed. note:  If you scroll down on the above page, you will discover links to a dozen other articles in The Arctic Institute’s 2022 Colonialism Series. Image below is an illustration of Sitka, Alaska, completed in the 1870s, shortly after the Alaska Purchase, supplied for the article by Sheldon Jackson Museum.