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UAS Dual Enrollment

Beginning Nov. 13, per UAS Sitka Advisors

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Considering Dual Enrollment? Want to earn college credit while still in high school? Dual Enrollment registration opens Monday, November 13th – We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Check out the recommended courses our Academic Advisors compiled.
  • Students can schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Advisors by calling (907) 747-7777 or emailing

Read more at UAS Sitka Facebook page, here:  University of Alaska Southeast Sitka

Find a comprehensive description of the UAS Dual Enrollment Program.

Dual Enrollment presents high school students an opportunity to get a jump start on their college career. Students who participate in dual enrollment are more likely to earn a college or university degree and to do so sooner than other students. High school students who complete dual enrollment classes generally take fewer classes in college and may save money on total college costs.

UAS welcomes registration of high school and home school students who are prepared for college-level work. Our academic advisors will assist in explaining the required processes and policies and provide the necessary support as you earn college credit credit as a dual enrollment student.

Dual enrollment courses, like any other college classes, require students to pay tuition. There are a number of tuition assistance programs and scholarships available to offset or cover the cost of tuition.